Consuming A Mix Of Baking Soda And Lemon Is Thousands Of Times More Powerful Compared To Chemo!

As it has been found through research, there’s an easy mixture which could defeat malignant cells as well as treat acidosis. The actual mixture is really simple to the point you probably won’t believe it, and possesses a simple component used by many athletes to enhance their endurance and their energy.

What is metabolic acidosis?

The actual remedy functions well enough thanks to the ability to fight against metabolic acidosis. Metabolic acidosis is a problem which takes place when the body is too much acidic, and it is a key indication that you need to change your diet and life style as soon as possible. Acidosis is also the primary cause of several diseases like for example diabetes, heart disease, various types of cancer, breathing difficulties, arthritis, brittle bones, MS, gout, dementia, headaches, depression, kidney stones, heart arrhythmia, infections, fatigue and also digestive issues.

The correlation between cancer and acidosis has been established even long time ago. Malignant cells grow in an acid environment, and is defeated by changing the body state to alkaline. According to the research, cancer tissues have a pH of 6, and a normal alkaline healthy body has a pH of 7. 2-7. 5.

Killing malignant cells may be possible with the use of baking soda!

A two million US dollar check has been given to Doctor Marty Pagel from the University of Arizona, to examine baking soda’s effectiveness against malignant cells. The study is currently ongoing, but the earlier results have demonstrated that sodium bicarbonate can certainly help. The science team is very motivated by the results they got and are looking to attract more funds from an additional source in order to do additional research.

Before that, Dr. Robert Gillies and his science team have discovered that baking soda can certainly alkalize the region around malignant growths in rodents and stops the spontaneous metastasis. Sodium bicarbonate has been also used by many athletes for a long period, with some of them taking it in a form of pills before races which is also known as “soda doping. ” The benefits of sodium bicarbonate tend to be far reaching, since the compound can simply boost your endurance and performance throughout a race.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that sodium bicarbonate may also improve the overall performance of swimmers – just as it was revealed in one study in which it showed that eight out of nine swimmers had considerably improved better race times right after consuming sodium bicarbonate pills.

Limonoids have much power

By itself the baking soda is very effective, but it is actually even more efficient against malignant cancer cells when coupled with lemons. Lemons contain potent substances such as limonoids and phytochemicals which all have anti-cancer properties. Limonoids can remove the protecting layer that surrounds cancer tissues. Additionally, while still exploring the concept that cancer is really just fungus, scientist researchers have found in the studies that a combination of lemon as well as sodium bicarbonate can fight these fungi which cause cancer very effectively.

Vitamin C is abundant in lemons which could greatly improve your immune system, while additionally detoxifying your body and destroying free radicals. Lemon contains limonene, a substance which can help make blood stronger as well as the lymph circulation and prevent the actual spread of many infections.

Nearly a century in the past, Dr. Johanna Budwig has set up the Budwig protocol, which is a diet plan that helps fight and reverse the effects of many types of cancers. Dr. Budwig insisted upon using organic alkaline foods against the terrible disease, because she very much believed that the acidity is the central cause of malignant disease. Nowadays, physicians such as Doctor Julian Whitaker are so amazed by the effects of sodium bicarbonate on cancer cells so they recommend this to all of their patients.

The combination of lemon and baking soda isn’t just good for fighting cancer, but also studies have demonstrated that it may also treat yeast infections like for example athlete’s foot very efficiently. Sodium bicarbonate can also deal with insect stings or bites. All you have to do is simply apply the paste from the compound along with a bit of water over the impacted area or where the irritation is and it will be gone quickly.

A lot more powerful when compared to conventional malignancy treatments

According to medical experts, the actual mixture of lemon and baking soda is probably 10 000 times more powerful when compared to chemotherapy. Lemons are effective on their own, however their results are even much more amplified whenever used together with sodium bicarbonate.

If you’re asking yourself how to make this mixture, it’s much simpler than you may think. In a glass of water add one tablespoon of baking soda and then put it into a glass container, afterwards squeeze a lemon and add the peel as well followed by three more glasses of water.

Leave the actual mixture to stay for entire night in the refrigerator, and afterwards you can consume three glasses of this beverage each morning. At first you may have some difficult time to drink 750 ml of the mix, but in a very short time you will adapt and get used to it. This alkaline beverage will certainly restore the actual pH stability in your body and stop the development of malignant disease if there is any. We recommend drinking an additional 250 milliliters. from this alkaline mix before going to bed. You need to feel a lot better in just a couple of days.

Lemons and sodium bicarbonate are some very effective alkaline ingredients which are readily available and inexpensive, and are most likely to be found around at the kitchen in your home. The mixture of both substances may fight metabolic acidosis that is often the primary cause of malignancy, but the drink can also be helpful to you even if you are not really suffering from any kind of sickness. By making the condition in your body alkaline, you will be able to alleviate any kind of illness or problem.

To know your own pH levels at any time, you can buy litmus pH papers in your nearby pharmacy as well as measure your own saliva. In case it’s too much acidic at morning time, you should not worry because the saliva’s acidity prior to drink anything at all is usually 7-7. 4 on the pH range, so this is quite normal. Your body usually cleans itself of acids during the night, which in turn makes the urine and saliva highly acidic in the morning. The perfect pH levels of bodily fluids need to be at the neutral point when measuring, which should be somewhere between 7-7.2 on the scale.



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