Mangosteen Fruits Shown to Kill Breast Cancer Cells Without Causing Harm


This tropical fruit can mostly be found in Southeast Asian countries, especially Thailand and Malaysia.

The University of Chinese Academy of Science has conducted a research showing that the mangosteen fruit, i.e. its pericarp can destroy breast cancer cells, without leaving any side effect. The results were published in the Journal of Molecular Cancer. This fruit contains a compound called alpha-mangostin that kills breast cancer cells and incites apoptosis of the cells. The research by the UCAS has discovered that alpha-mangostin has an effect on a multi-enzyme protein responsible for the creation of long-chain fatty acids from different elements, a process called fatty acid synthase or FAS, which is usually observed along with breast cancer occurrence. The alpha-mangostin actually inhibits FAS, causing a decrease in the intracellular fatty acids.

Other positive effect from alpha-mangostin is the increase in the levels of PARP cleavage product and decrease of the viability of breast cancer cells. Scientists are certain that the xanthone molecule from mangosteen fruit will be included in the treatment for breast cancer in the near future.

Mangosteen fruit is recommended for breast cancer prevention, but the only problem is how to choose the right product, which is not contaminated by toxic material and heavy metals. It was discovered that dried mangosteen powder from one of the biggest US suppliers contains metals like aluminum, mercury, arsenic and cadmium that cause brain damage, cancer and many more health problems.

In order to get the wanted results in fighting breast cancer, we must choose the right product, otherwise we put our health at bigger risk.


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